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Who Am I.

I am currently a Level 2 Support Specialist at NIO, primarily responsible for products under NIO Power. Previously, I have amassed extensive experience at Microsoft Entra ID, focusing on Entra ID Device Registration and Windows Hello for Business. In addition to my core expertise, my background also includes practical knowledge in Active Directory, Servers, Cloud Computing, Network Administration, and Front-end Web Development. This diverse technical skill set allows me to handle a wide range of challenges in the fast-paced IT environment.

If you're interested in learning more about my work, please click on the links below to access my portfolio. I welcome your feedback and comments on my blog page.

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What I Do.

I specialize in configuration, troubleshooting, and problem resolution for NIO Power System products. My role involves providing timely and effective support to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

  • About NIO Power System

    NIO Power offers an internet-based charging solution that includes a widespread network of charging and battery swap facilities. Leveraging NIO's cloud technology, we have developed a versatile energy service system that supports charging, swapping, and upgrades. This system provides comprehensive charging services across various scenarios for vehicle owners.

  • Technical Support

    As a Level 2 Support Specialist at NIO, I am primarily responsible for bridging product service coordination between online Level 1 and Level 3 issues within the NIO Power segment.

  • Troubleshooting

    My objective is to deliver exceptional support to all stakeholders, ensuring their concerns are addressed promptly and efficiently, thereby minimizing downtime and enhancing user satisfaction.

  • Cloud Administration

    In my personal pursuits related to cloud administration, I take pride in having developed a troubleshooting wiki. This project, focused on improving system architecture and operations, serves as a central repository for knowledge sharing and problem-solving strategies. It helps streamline issue resolution processes and enhances the efficiency of our cloud infrastructure by providing quick access to solutions and best practices. My role in this project showcases my commitment to continuous improvement and operational excellence within cloud environments.


I've Got Some Skills.


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    printf("hello world");
    return 0;

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Career and Education

More of My Credentials.

To get lost is to learn the way.


July 2021 - Sept 2022

Shanghai Wicresoft Co., Ltd

Microsoft Azure AD Identity (Authentication)
Support Engineer (Delivery Partner)

Sept 2022 - Apr 2024

Shanghai Wicresoft Co., Ltd

Microsoft Azure AD Identity (Authentication)
Technical Advisor (Delivery Partner)

Apr 2024 - Present

NIO Co., Ltd

NIO Power System
Global Technical Support



Sept 2017 - Jun 2021

University of California, Davis

Mechanical Engineering (MAE)
Bachelor's Degree



See the world through my eyes.

The neon crowns glow
above the City of Angels,
haze hovers after another
nuclear sunset, I love it all.
- Mike Sonkesen

Manhattan Beach, LA

Shot by RuianD from Manhattan Beach, LA. Details

Shadow Fiend (A DotA Character)

Drew by RuianD in high school ART class. Details

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

Shot by RuianD in the trip to San Francisco. Details

STS Endeavour OV-105

Shot by RuianD in the field trip (Award of the first place of STEM Summit). Details

Saint Bernard High School, LA

Shot by RuianD in the last day of high school. Details

Sanata Monica, LA

Shot by RuianD at the seaside. Details

Owl Project

An Owl Porject (ENG 003), UC Davis. Details

OnePiece Exhibition, Shanghai

An Huge Onepiece Mural, visit with Xiaowu. Details

Heaven Lake, Changbai mountain, Jilin

The highest volcanic lake in the world. Details

Landmark 81, Ho Chi Minh City

The night view of Ho Chi Minh City. Details

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I am now working at NIO Power System as Level 2 technical support, please feel free to contact me during non-working hours

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